It would be an understatement to call this precinct eclectic. So what makes Uptown so unique?


The personality and character of Uptown has always been a little different from the other inner city suburbs.

Since the early days the area has always been a working class hub for the busy city, as well as a practical 'central' living alternative. The people who live in Uptown today are often property owners, and therefore have a stake in the area. They arguably have a longer term view of the precinct's future prospects, and they feel they belong here.

Many businesses have made their start in Uptown, enjoying more reasonable rents and building prices. More recently increased demand for both domestic and commercial space has rewarded the foresight of these capital investments for owners, and fashionable character spaces are sought after by tenants in which to live and work.

Weatherboards, bricks, bluestone kerbs, patterned concrete and paving, steep city arterial routes and of course very scarce on-street parking!

Many shops and cafes have been in the area for decades. Specialist suppliers and retailers include unique shops such as Bungalow Bills, Cheapskates, T Whites Bikes, ECC Lighting, Global Fabrics, The Kite Shop, The French Café, Galbraiths, The Power Station, Mei and Picchi, The Pelican Club, Gemmels, Auckland Motorcycles, I Love Ugly, Solo Racebred Cyclewear Design 55, Hopscotch Beer Company and Southbound Records to name a few.

Other commercial businesses in Uptown include a network of professional specialists such as communications suppliers, architects, sports wholesalers, creative agencies, advertisers, editors, media and PR businesses. Of course Uptown is also the home to MediaWorks, TV3 and C4.

The architecture of Uptown is distinctly diverse in style and character, featuring many of the best preserved churches and Victorian buildings surviving in Auckland City. Nestled around these historic and protected buildings are some of the more recent additions, including art deco style and post war factories that have been converted into offices and living accommodation. And of course there are modern high density urban buildings, catering for both commercial and apartment living.

Basque Park and the famous Water Reservoir on the corner of Mt Eden Rd and Symonds St add to the architectural mix of Uptown. Iconic physical features include brick and concrete facades, bluestone kerbs, patterned concrete and paving, steep city arterial routes and of course very scarce on-street parking!