In the same way that NY represents New York, and a graphic 'M' represents Melbourne, this logo identity will become synonomous with the Auckland precinct of Uptown.

It's positive, and a little unconventional.

The logo expresses the character and personality of the precinct by becomingmore than just the words – it is visually strong and engaging, but also unconventional
and a bit 'quirky', asking the audience to 'take a second look'.

It's eclectic and niche.

The symbol can be used as a 'window,' expressing the textures and colours of the precinct. It can reverse out equally strongly from graphic images and colours on a banner, website or printed page.

It's flexible and practical.

Like using a volume knob, the visual impact can be visually turned up or down – bold and memorable for promotional applications, or corporate and professional on its own or with partnership stationery. In most cases this logo would appear together with the URL, though it doesn't have to – for example it can be used as a graphic device in editorial, or a stakeholder partner logo.