Creative Team

Creative Team

The Uptown brand identity is the result of a 4 month design project initiated by the Eden Terrace Business Association and aided by joint submissions from local design agencies Fuse Creative Ltd and D1 Creative Ltd.

The background research, establishment of the Uptown name, brand values and visual concepts have been the result of a collaborative effort, with the creative and administrative teams focusing on understanding the personality and character of the precinct, resulting in submissions and recommendations proposed to the BID committee.

The logo and brand identity solution from Fuse Creative was selected and approved by the committee and is outlined in some detail within this publication. While the website and many of the brand elements are still in the formative stages, the key elements of the identity programme have been developed and are available for the stakeholders of the Uptown precinct to experience, embrace and use to promote their businesses and the area.

Fuse Creative and D1 Creative are continuing to work collaboratively with the Uptown BID team to not only help build momentum for the Uptown Business Association, but also to build an informative Uptown website, foster the business service network and explore ways of engaging the rest of Auckland with our brand.

For further information about the Uptown brand and resources available, please contact Gary Holmes at Uptown Business Association.

You can also contact the Uptown brand design team directly at