Brand Assist

Brand Assist

If you're looking for a place to find great design, solid branding and advertising experience, then you've just found it.

I'm Wayne Gillies and BrandAssist Ltd is the result of not just my own experience and skills, but also that of my associates.

Since I graduated from Wellington Polytechnic School of Design in 1979, I've been privileged to work with some of the best people, in the best ad agencies and on many of the most successful brands in New Zealand – as well as some of the smallest.

I've created everything from start-up brands, to full blown large brand campaigns, product launches and sales promotions, for everything from biscuits to cars, banks to insurance companies and retailers to manufacturers. I've presented ideas in board rooms, living rooms and tea rooms. I've seen brands come and I've seen them go. I've created communications for TV, cinema, newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, packaging, billboards and supermarket trolleys. I've also written strategies, rationales, ads, brochures and now it looks like I'm writing blogs.

I can certainly help your brand to not only look good, but also to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

Talk to me about your brand, your marketing objectives and your communication needs. I'm a good listener and an equally good sounding board. I also keep good company for advice and help when I need it – and let's face it, none of us know everything in this game – not even Kevin Roberts.

Here's the studio. We occupy the suite just under that balcony and we pretty much live here. It's where we work the magic. We do keep it tidy – but being "designy types", sometimes we make a mess with paper and glue – yep – good ol' paper and spray glue – we just love the stuff – like napalm in the morning. For us, a studio just ain't a studio, without a cutting table, some plan files and a library full of 'design books'.

Oh yes – and some Mac's – gotta have those.

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