Asiaworks is founded by Bo Li who has been working in advertising, marketing and cross-cultural communications for over 15 years. He is a well known New Zealand-based consultant on Chinese cultural and business practice.

Bo Li has a track record on initiating and leading many significant marketing projects, which include 2002 the first Chinese candidate election campaign, Telecom Asian campaign, the 2008 New Zealand General Election Asian Enrolment campaign, NZ Post lunar year stamp design started from 2009 the Year of the Ox, 2010 the Year of the Tiger, 2011 the Year of the Rabbit and followed by the year of the Horse, the year of the Sheep and the year of the Monkey 2015, the Event Cinemas Asian marketing programme (since 2008), 2degrees Mobile Asian marketing, SKYCITY Asian campaign, Spark Asian campaign, BMW Asian campaign, New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival campaign etc.

Asiaworks is the agency that offers one-stop shop service to help New Zealand businesses maximise their Asian market by overcoming cultural and language barriers through its expertise in cross-cultural communications and the experience of marketing practice. Asiaworks provides its clients with their Asian market solutions with marketing strategies, market research, Asian media planning, creative design, language translation and public relation services to insure clients' business in the leading position in Asian market.

Asiaworks has great working relationships with large corporate businesses, major advertising agencies, government and government agencies. Asiaworks plays an important role as a gateway towards the dynamic and ever changing Asian market in New Zealand.

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