Killer Hair

Killer Hair

We believe in feeling good, being beautiful and knowing your true self and we wanna bring it to the world.

In 2004, we had the good fortune to win a national hairdressing competition, from that spent a month in NYC! At first we were terrified we wouldn't have the skills to stand beside New York hairdressers. Instead we found we had more than enough passion,creativity and that fresh approach that kiwis seems to be so famous for. People were very interested in us and we visited some amazing salons. Not on the Main Street and in Mall complexes but tucked away, on the third floor, down an ally, unexpected and then Boom! a beautiful creative space. We were hooked, we could do this, we could bring our brand of specialness back home and so the idea of Killer was born.

We started with just the two of us, from a room in a warehouse where we lived in Eden Terrace. It was down a one way street, down a long driveway so we definitely got the tucked away vibe sorted. We worked from there for two years building a loyal and steady clientele by word of mouth only.

We soon out grew this space and with our first baby girl (then 8 months old, now 5 years) it was time to get a "proper Salon". When we first saw what was the Corinthian Hall of the iconic Masonic Lodge, with its huge windows and high ceilings we fell in love – the perfect mix of lush and drama. We moved in in 2010. Over the years we have had such luck with the incredible people who have come our way to teach us so much about brand and business. Hooking up with Davines NZ and educating other hairdressers under the title "Visionary Artists," to Simone Ellen of Genius You, taking us to new heights by understanding what brand truly is and finding our essence - Good, Beautiful and True.

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