Blue Rocket

Blue Rocket

Blue Rocket was formed in 1998 by director Michael Ninkranz.

Michael's initial desire to start his own business was born from a wish to work more closely with customers on individual I.T. projects than a large corporate environment allowed.

Having had a successful career with companies such as Frontier, Glazier Systems and Advantage Group, Michael noticed a lack of personality and responsibility in large I.T firms and saw an opportunity to provide a service with the primary focus on building long term relationships with clients and designing only quality and scalable applications.

Now, fourteen years later, we have maintainted and still believe this firm focus on our customers and working closely with them is of paramount importance. We understand that I.T. is about people using technology, and not the technology itself. Behind every project are the people that will be using it and we approach every task with the aim of providing these people the tools to achieve the tasks the project was conceived from.

Here at Blue Rocket we see ourselves as codesmiths and take pride in any software we develop and work our name is associated with. We will always understand our objectives in any project and deliver excellent and robust solutions to you.

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