Gamma Computers

Gamma Computers

Our Mission

To supply and serve our customers with all their computer product requirements in the most cost-effective way. We carry more than 35000 items in stock plus an easy access online database with a massive 45,000+ products. We can also supply any other unlisted products on order. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best solution by sharing our resources and expertise.


Gamma Computers is one of the longest standing computer companies in New Zealand still in business.

Having been operated as a one-man business for almost a year,
the company was officially registered in 1989
After 20 years, the company is still growing and expanding
while survival has been the target for many other computer companies.

The company has grown and has shown an outstanding performance in the past 18 years. We have supplied more than 100,000 computers with a minimum number of employees. Gamma currently has only 10 employees and more than 1290 active customers with a credit account.

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