Eden Physiolates

Eden Physiolates

Eden Physiolates opened its doors in November 2010. After working in various physiotherapy and pilates clinics, founder, Tanja Talyancich decided to start her own unique studio.

Graduating from Auckland physiotherapy school in 1998, Tanja's experience in her field has taken place both in NZ and in Europe. It was while she was working in Europe that she discovered for herself the wonderful world of pilates. With the everyday stresses that Physio took on her body Tanja was advised to try pilates, and it worked!

With her dance and yoga background she loved the strength and flexibilty it gave her body and found that the odd "aches and pains" she experienced through work and sport seemed to just melt away. Quite simply, it worked and she was hooked!

Physiotherapy and pilates complement each other perfectly and the results she sees in her clients speak for themselves. So whether its physiotherapy you require to get you back up and running or an exercise programme that is sure to give you profound results, give us a call.

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