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We asked our clients why they're with us. The overwhelming answer was that we're big enough to do a great job, but small enough to provide personalised service just the way they like it. Those who have migrated to Soar from other printing companies say that once they've had the 'Soar experience', they'd never go back.

As a family-run business spanning three generations, we've seen a lot of printing trends and technologies come and go. Does this mean we're stuck in our ways? Far from it. Soar continues to thrive because we're future-focused, we stay ahead of the pack and we always, always, give customers what they really need.

The ultimate satisfaction for us is seeing blank, raw material become beautiful pieces of artful communication – especially when we know that the resources involved are as sustainable as we can get them.

Sustainability is not a word we take lightly. We've worked hard, really hard, to make our business as environmentally responsible as possible. Our paper stock is sourced from responsible forest management schemes, we use inks that are 99% vegetable based, and we have a fully-certified ISO 14001 environmental management system that maximises energy efficiency and minimises waste.

But what's that thrumming beneath our office floors? Machinery – and lots of it. We won't bore you with model numbers and sheet outputs. But we will say that the incredible presses, folders, trimmers and finishers on our shop floor are a far cry from the hand-fed printing press Lt. Colonel Fred Soar operated from his Onehunga print shop back in 1920.

We can confidently say that we're set up to print anything your business might need. From traditionally bound books and intricate pop-up mailers through to variable data labels and pull-up vinyl exhibition banners bigger than a car. We can even print latex ink onto board that's thick enough to become a shelving system or a coffee table.

Do you need a printer who won't take your loyalty for granted? Talk to us. We'll earn your respect and keep it – print job by print job.

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  • Address: 100 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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